Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where Will Reddick Be Next Year?

This is Josh Reddick. Josh Reddick likes to do shampoo commercials.

He was standing on third and clearly had the urge to Herbal, so he lathered up and took care of his luxurious locks.

Okay, not really. Anyhow, Reddick is having an excellent year, but one makes me wonder what's going to happen in right field for the Sox in the coming months. Are we going to re-sign J.D. Drew, or is he going to retire or opt for free agency? How about Kalish - what's going on there? Who's going to play right field for the Sox next year?

I really do like Reddick and I'd love to see it be him. The kid has a good attitude, works hard, and doesn't let repeatedly being optioned down to Pawtucket get him down. I'd love to see him stick with the team, but I'm not sure if they're higher on him or Kalish - or someone else, for that matter. I'm not sure I would like that very much, because I don't want to see him leave, but I do have fears that he might leave the team.

But I want him to stay. I think he's at the very least earned a start somewhere at this rate, and although I'd prefer it with us, I'm worried that it won't be. At the very least, though, he needs to be starting in the bigs. He's figured it out.