Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is Iglesias Up?

I was watching Jose Iglesias today in Scranton as the PawSox beat the SWB Yankees to the tune of 7-6. His bat looked amazing, but his glove...well, he made two errors today, at least. And he bobbled a ball or two.

He's a future Gold Glover, absolutely - he gets to balls no Red Sox shortstop has even come close to in years. But he still needs some work on his hands. He's just a kid, though, so that will come with time.

Now, I just heard a rumor that Iglesias is being called up (via Melissa Segura of SI). What does this mean for the Red Sox? With Lowrie able to play the entire infield and essentially playing a fill-in role for everyone who goes down, are the Sox shopping Marco Scutaro to other teams in order to make room for the kid? Scutaro's essentially benched since Lowrie's been outplaying him lately, so he's not a bad candidate to move for Iglesias so everybody gets some playing time.

Eh, let's save the speculation for once this is confirmed or not.

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